Initiated in 2008  with an alliance of banks, retailers and manufacturers, the Natural Security standard defines an authentication method that can be used wherever a transaction takes place. Natural Security offers convenience, speed and security, for both face to face and  online transactions while at the same time guaranteeing privacy for end users and protection of their personal data. The standard combines the use of:01.005

  • A secure element to store the data necessary for authentication of its owner and secure applications;
  • Mid-range communication technology to avoid handling the device that contains the secure element;
  • Biometry, a wilful act by the user to approve a transaction.

The standard is based on specifications that are:

  • Developed independently from technologies and technology providers;
  • Accessible by all industry players;
  • Based on business needs of banks, retailers and services;
  • Aligned with the recommendations put forward by the principal agencies specialized in privacy and personal data protection.

The standard is backed by an alliance of players united by a common project: use and adoption of the  standard, as well as leading an ecosystem of solutions based on this standard. This alliance unites players from the sectors of banking and retail, solution manufacturers and providers, test laboratories and certification bodies.

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